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Litepanels just announced its new Caliber 3-Light Kit, which is ideal for webcasting, blogging and professional filmmaking. The Caliber is a true Fresnel fixture with wide focus range that can be powered by AC or AA batteries. It\'s daylight-balanced and offers the ability to shape light like all Fresnels without the excessive power draw of Tungsten or HMI fixtures. It\'s also flicker-free at any frame rate or shutter angle, and offers smooth dimming from 100 percent to zero, with no color shift throughout the range. The Caliber is small (entire 3-light kit weighs just 13-lbs.) and can be used comfortably at any location. It offers professional accessories like a color frame, correction filters and a 4-way barndoor. The dimmable light provides a ¼-20 post for direct mounting using common hardware. Because of its small size, the Caliber 3-Light Kit travels well with a fast setup. The kit contains three Caliber fixtures and AC Adapters with international plug sets. Also included are three multi-jointed flexible tripods, allowing the lights to be fixed, and a compact stand with stand adapter, giving you even more placement choices. The Caliber 3-Light Kit’s contents fit in a soft case, with extra storage space for batteries, camera lenses and other items. “I\'m often stuck in very hard situations with limited power choices, so having a standardized battery power option built right into the lights is a key feature for me,” noted cinematographer Lan Bui, who served as a beta tester. \"Being able to set up the lights anywhere without running cables or worrying about location power is an incredible convenience. Using only the AA batteries, I\'m able to use the lights to compliment the shot I\'m composing. “The Caliber lights have a surprisingly bright output for their size and power sources, added Bui. \"The quality of light, coupled with the ability to focus the light down and use the provided barndoors, makes these fixtures a \'must have\' on any travel or run-and-gun location shoot. I don\'t see how I\'ll ever go out on a shoot without the Caliber Kit again.” Caliber 3-Light Kit includes: - Three Caliber Fresnels Fixtures (Beam Angle: 15° to 73°) - Three Multi-Jointed Flexible Tripods - Three Gel Sets and Color Frames - Three 4-Way Barndoors - One Compact Light Stand - One Stand Adapter with Ball Head - Three International Power Supplies - One Soft Case with Customizable Interior Compartments

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