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Product Highlights -100% Digital Processing - Up to 10 Inputs (Analog & Digital) - Compatible with SDTV, EDTV, & HDTV - Displays 2 Live Sources - Keying and PiP Effects - 2 Outputs - Preview & Other Audience - Pan & Zoom Resizing up to 1000% - De-interlacing / Frame Follower - Equipped with TCP/IP & RS232 - Front Panel & Remote Control Software The Analogway Pulse Le - Dual Scaler is a seamless switcher with universal analog and digital input/output and 100% digital processing. Suitable for large screen projections it can be used in conference rooms and houses of worship. The scaler is equipped with up to 10 inputs including 2 with digital DVI and 2 with SDI (compatible with SDTV, EDTV, and HDTV formats) and outputs digital and analog signals in DVI and VGA (RGBHV) simultaneously. Featuring 8 inputs (6 universal analog inputs and 2 from embedded SDI) and 1 output, the switcher can display up to 2 live sources that can be customized by various attributes such as borders, movements, zoom, cut, and transparency. The switcher offers numerous live effects like keying and PiP animation and in PiP mode, pan and zoom can be resized by approximately 1000%. In mixer mode, it provides 2 outputs - 1 for preview and the other for audience. Featuring auto 3:2 and 2:2 pull down circuitry, 10 bits SD/HD auto-adaptive pixel by pixel 3D motion compensation, de-interlacing, and frame follower, the switcher provides high-quality images. With TCP/IP and RS232, the switcher can be updated with new features and functions to improve its life. You can control the switcher either from its front panel or through remote control software. Control knobs and buttons on the graphic VFD allow for easy and fast access to menus and adjustments. An auxiliary input can be mixed with any other input, and the master volume and individual input level can be adjusted. Full high-resolution digital processing Suitable for large screen projections, conference rooms, and houses of worship 10 inputs (analog & digital) and 2 outputs (main & preview) Freeze button allows you to take a snapshot of the current state of a source Large graphic VFD with control knobs and buttons for easy and fast access to menus and adjustments Dual RS-232 and Ethernet port for control or upgrade Can be remotely controlled by Pulse Le software (supplied), ORC50 Orchestra, or RK300 Remote Keypad Live effects like keying and PiP open/close animation Pan and zoom can be resized by approximately 1000% in PiP Integrated audio stereo switcher with SDI audio de-embedder Master volume and individual input level can be adjusted Auxiliary input and output offers balanced or unbalanced connections

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